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CharlieBanana Period Pad

100.00 ₪


Welcome to the newest chapter of the reusable feminine pads experience which will change your life.

Like never seen before, the pad that absorbs more than any cup or undies can imagine!

These miracle pads have a superb absorbency of up to 120 ml (that’s one whole average period) with the power to leave you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Soft, simple, easy, convenient, safe while delivering you maximum comfort.

The pads are sold in fun packs of 3 reusable menstrual pads. Plus a free gift of one super cute mini tote for discreet storage.

Regular- absorbs up to 60 ml

Super- can absorb up to 100 ml

Super Plus- can absorb up to 120 ml


Enjoy easy comfortable cleaning methods, we've got a whole page on cleaning and additional information just for you on our How-To Honeypot on the homepage.



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