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Cure Cervical Cancer

One of ILoveMyHoneypots biggest beliefs is spreading good while doing good, the cervical cancer subject is one which is close to our hearts, therefore we want to contribute to solving the problem.

Over half a million women come by cervical cancer annually and more than 320,000 women die from it each coming year while cervical cancer is almost 100% preventable.

גביעוניות או כוסות מחזור שבאמת עושות שינוי

We donates part of our proceeds to different charities around the world that help to fight cervical cancer in third world countries. Why do we do this you ask?I Love My Honeypot was born from the ruins of cervical Cancer and is very much a big moral drive for this company. Cancer may have started the fight, but we will finish it!


Most of the charities that we work with focus on resource-poor countries with limited access to screening, observation and treatments. One of our favourite charities that we have a deep appreciation for is CCC-Cure Cervical Cancer by Dr Patricia Gordon. 

Cure Cervical Cancer uses low tech resources, they spot pre-cancerous lesions/cells and treat them immediately, enabling precise treatment with cryotherapy and thermocoagulation, therefore, minimalizing invasive procedures with a cure rate of up to 90%. All of the equipment required in order to construct cervical cancer prevention clinics that manage to fit in a single suitcase. Plus they do all that they can to stay as sustainable as possible.


Let's make a difference together today and transfom lives.
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