Period Madness

Period Madness

Period madness - let’s better your mood

When that time of the month arrives, we all know how emotional we can get, that’s totally ok! You just got a boost of hormones into your system, that has the tendency to drive us all a bit cray cray (or maybe you're one of the lucky ones with no symptoms - teach us your mystic ways). We have developed a wide variety of coping methods over the years, and now it’s time to share it with you, our warm recommendations are:
1.  Don’t take yourself too seriously for the moment, laugh at yourself with yourself, just change your perspective.

  1. Don’t make major life-changing decisions during this period, you can ponder it but try not to close the deal on the most extreme days of the month.
  2. Be gentle and forgiving with your delicate self, we sometimes enjoy replaying old scenarios in our mind, wishing or trying to play them out differently. Forgive yourself and love the whole of you! Nothing is a mistake, each step is a lesson hopefully learnt.
  3. Start a journal, write down your feelings and everything that is bugging you at the moment, then open up a new column next to each problem and write down what you can do to fix the problem. Next, open another column on how you’re going to tackle the problem, that always helps us here when we’re feeling down.
  4. Find out what makes you happy, what aspires joy from within and go do it (all the rest can wait! We’re in period mode). Whether it’s dancing, writing, singing, drawing, swimming, running, meditating, baking, sewing or whatever your heart desires. What’s the point of life if not to do what makes us happy? Why are we even here? Make the best out of life (not just when you’re on your period).
  5. Drink a lot of water! Think about it like a blood test, if you’re well-hydrated the test will be quicker and easier! The more hydrated you are the better your body will work, helping all the vital organs function better.
  6. Have a dance party with yourself and let it all go like nobody is watching with that scruffy hair bun! By the way, we have some period, PMS or just for fun musical playlists on Spotify for your delight.   


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