Understanding Our Vagina and Health Tips

Understanding Our Vagina and Health Tips

Understanding Our Vagina and Health Tips for a Healthy Happier Easier Period

Our lovely smells.

Your honeypot has its own unique smell and it’s not supposed to smell of roses, we need to get comfortable with our natural body odours, they’re not going to get better if we don’t change something.

It’s more about what we eat rather than how we wash our genitals, in order to feel and be good from the outside, we need to feel good from the inside, like everything else in life. 

In order to produce better and healthier smells from our patchouli, just follow a few simple steps and learn to adapt to a healthier lifestyle - we promise, every little help:

Don’t forget to drink a hell of a lot of water to keep the blood flowing and your body on the right track, in the end, we are 60% walking bags of water and our blood is 80% water.

In the end, everything comes down to balance. If you balance your nutrition with a different approach, you are bound to see immediate vital and positive changes in your body. We recommend a good intake on proteins, take up probiotics and vitamins to help balance and stimulate the bacteria that we already have down there.

Add essential fats to your diet (avocado, nuts, seeds etc.) - you need cholesterol to produce hormones, antioxidants and essential amino acids (our brain is up to 60% fat). Yes, we went there! we all need fats. No fats mean no period. Reframe from the ridiculous cocaine chic just eat healthily.

             "nourish yourself from the inside in order to glow from the outside".

Try avoiding too many processed sugars. Sugar encourages the growth of candida (yeast infections down there) - after all, yeast overgrowth thrives on sugar! You’re going to want to keep your blood sugar as stable as possible, and in doing this, you’ll notice more stable moods.
There will be far less up and down roller coasters where you're suddenly really hungry or hyper due to the sugar rush which ultimately leads to a crash phase and then you’re suddenly hungry again (and repeat!).

Don’t use harsh soaps. Soaps disrupt the natural balance of ph down there, no need to become obsessed with cleaning all the time, just use water and if you must use soap, use a natural soap, essential oils whatever floats your boat. Think of your vagina as a self-cleaning machine (you wouldn’t scrub the inside of your mouth would soap would you?).

Turmeric! Did you know that turmeric can also help to relieve menstrual pains according to Chinese medicine? Curcumin is the main active component of turmeric, this is one of nature's best medicines and helps to both reduce inflammation and stimulate the body’s natural painkillers. That means you’ll get some much-needed relief from menstrual cramps.


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