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cervix help image with finger איך מודדים או מוצאים את צוואר הרחם כדי להתאים גביעונית 

Moving from pads and tampons can be quite confusing and that's completely fine, we understand that it might be a head ache and a tiny bit scary at first and that is natural...

This is why we have created this company and page, to help and make the process easier!

At first, to determine the height of your cervix, we’ve put together a guide just for you. Simply follow the steps to help you determine your cervix height.

For the most accurate answer, make sure you do this when you have your period. We also recommend to try this in the shower if you have never done this before (just makes it comfortable).

 menstrual cup spilling period cups height of her cervix. מציאת גובה צוואר הרחם

Step 1:   Wash your lovely hands


 Step 2:  Try to insert a finger into your vagina and feel for the cervix - it should feel something like your chin or the tip of your nose.


Step 3:   Notice just how far your finger goes'. Either use a thumb, mark it with something, or just simply remember the point at which you felt your cervix (. Measure this length against a ruler. 

Step 4:   Align how your measurements with our guide below to determine your cervix height.

גביעונית ותחתוני מחזור



If you managed to reach your Cervix quite easily, most likely you have a low Cervix.

This means that your body wont quite agree with an average size menstrual cup. We recommend you try out one of our many our menstrual cups for ladies with low cervix's.



קאפ מחזור וציור של גובה צוואר הרחם 

If you have an average Cervix height no need to be bummed out! This means that you can try most of the cups there is/are to offer. Being average has never been better.


 קאפ ומדידת גובה צוואר הרחם עבור גביעונית


If you didn't reach a wall, then most likely you have a higher Cervix. This means your one of the lucky one's that would need to try longer cups for higher cervix's, we have a wide range of great options for you .

גובה צוואר הרחם מדידת גביעונית וקאפ