Vagina trauma and Menstruation shock

Vagina trauma

We hope to help break the stigma surrounding women’s bodies, sexuality and end the shame, both personal and societal. We hold a lot of ancestral trauma down there you may call it vagina shame, we think it looks weird, smells, hair in all the wrong places, we compare ourselves to others that it may seem as if they’ve got their shit together, that’s not necessarily true. Let us enlighten you, each woman is different in her own unique way, but in the end, we are only humans who have been gifted this beautiful delicate vessel,  we only get to be in our bodies for a limited time, why not celebrate the journey? Reclaim the power of the lady garden, know your worth and love yourself because you are more beautiful inside out than you think.

It’s a mindset, choose to change and betterment it and see what happens.

Menstruation shock

You just got your period, that will probably explain this wild rollercoaster of feelings you’re experiencing/enduring. Try and look on the positive side of life, count your blessings... It’s ok that you're not 100% all the time or even right now, it really is - because nobody is! Perceive the situation as it is because that is our choice, in the end, we determine how to look at life, so please choose the reality that loves and adores you as you are.