How to manage your period on a plane

How to manage your period on a plane

There are lots of uncomfortable situations that we are forced to deal with during the course of life, but getting your period while going through transits such as planes or trains can really be a bother.

If you're experiencing this right now or going to endure the stated situation, we do share with you our condolences. But please, do look at it as if you are a menstrual transit hero who is going on a well deserved holiday hip hip hooray!

The transit itself won't definitely have an affect your period although the travel stress can take a toll on your mind, flow and general wellbeing. While travelling we do step aside from our normal day to day routine which can result in some sort of disorientation, change in our eating habits, irregular sleeping patterns, lower activity levels and a dab of stress.

These changes and new time zones can cause delays and even prevent your regular flow (especially stress)! No need to worry! We’ll help and guide you through it all with some great relevant tips we've gathered through personal experiences.


First of all, move from the one night disposables to reusable menstrual products, you’re better than that. Plus you’ll save loads of money in the long run and will enjoy a longer experience with your menstrual products with no need to worry about changing for the next 10-12 hours (depending on your flow).

Bring along with you your preferred sanitizing products for an easier menstrual experience whilst travelling, make yourself feel right at home in that tiny aeroplane bathroom. Or just ask the cabin crew for a boiling cup of water to assist you in cleaning your period cup without having to use the plane's soap.

In the case that you use reusable menstrual undies and pads, it may be wiser to bring with you a waterproof convenient bag or black plastic bag so you can conceal the used products until you can properly take care and clean them at your own convenience. Damn, you can even soak them in cold water to help the cleaning process later on if you feel like keeping yourself extra busy while in transit.

Do take a stroll back and forth through the plane, it may seem odd to you but the truth is that nobody really cares if you're walking up and down the plane, most likely everybody's head will be too deep in their phones, tablets, food or book. Those extra steps can really ease your period pain as endorphins have a tendency to do that, so don’t be shy, walk around, you may even make a new friend on the way.

Last one, try to decompress and be mindful with your delicate self, meditate, write a journal or even draw, whatever floats your boat. Keeping yourself busy with positive everyday activities can really ease all that stress. These different forms of, you could say- flow states can really calm your thinking and emotional mind.

Is there anything worse than menstruating while flying? 100%, do remember that you are going on a well-deserved vacation, even though long haul transits are difficult while on the rag, remember just how lucky you are to be in this position, so do start counting your blessings girl.

Please don’t take it too hard and enjoy mother nature's gift, one day menopause will come, we promise you that :)


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