HPV fun

HPV fun

What is HPV?

This is the most common sexually transmitted virus/infection known to date. According to recent studies, more than 70% of the world population has a sort of HPV (whether they know it or not), it is most common among people in their late teens up to 40-year-olds. It does seem logical as these are the years that people are experiencing and discovering their sexuality. That's completely ok, nothing wrong with that, but just try to use protection even though rubbers can’t really save you in these situations, we’ll elaborate more on this.

HPV can cause various health problems such as genital warts and cancers. Though in some cases they can disappear on their own and you can avoid any kind of issue, there are times that they don’t disappear on their own and may need medical intervention.

You can usually identify genital warts as little bumps on your genitalia that can appear as large, small, flat or resemble a cauliflower. Most physicians will be able to identify them, but we would urge you to find a kind doctor who will have the patience to answer all your questions regarding the matter, ask around if you do not know of one.

We’ve learned on our own skin how some doctors may be and would just like to pass the information on so you will not have to endure a traumatizing experience. After all, we are talking about your genitals which is a private delicate matter and should be treated accordingly. 

How can you avoid it? 

First of all clear communication with your partner essential regarding their sexual history, not in a creepy way, just ask if they’ve ever had an HPV. nothing to be shy about here it’s your health after all. Although condoms can protect us in many circumstances, when it comes to HPV they won’t necessarily work.

HPV can come out everywhere in your genital area and not only on the phallus or labia, but they can also be all around the pelvis, so it would be wiser to keep a low key lookout for both of your sake. Another way of avoiding it would be to vaccinate yourself, today there are lots of different vaccines in the market, it may be worth your while to check them out.

Though we must say that from personal experience, they don’t tend to work all the time as this virus keeps on mutating over time. This is part of the reason why we came up with Ilovemyhoneypot, as we do donate part of our proceeds to different charities that fight cervical cancer in 3rd world countries.

To conclude, HPV is the most common STD out there, usually it doesn't turn into a big deal, and many individuals go through life without knowing it was ever there. So no need to be ashamed or sad, we’re all human beings experiencing this temporary human experience.

We would like to state that we are not licensed physician and you may like to consult with one if you have any concerns.


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