Traditional Chinese Medicine tips to help ease Period Pains

הגיינה נשית רב פעמית

We all experience period pains at some point in our lives, this can range from a mild ache and discomfort to debilitating pain. Here are some tips from Traditional Chinese Medicine that can help relieve your period pains.

Keep your feet warm

If your floors are cold and you like to walk around barefoot at home, put on a pair of socks or slippers. Your foot contains a number of endpoints and a number of initial points of the Meridians each meridian is connected to a different organ in your body. Wear soft and warm socks or slippers that will keep the cold and dampness out of your body. This is super important during your period. Massage your feet when you have the chance and keep them warm it will encourage good circulation.

Keep your tummy warm

In the winter wear appropriately, warm clothing and consider using a hot water bottle or the use of a lavender heat pack.  It is super important to prevent cold from invading your stomach and spleen.

Dietary suggestions for period pains

The most important type of food to avoid in the days just before your period and during your period is raw food like sushi and very cold food like ice cream or iced drinks. Cold and raw food will slow down the blood in your uterus. Cold food specifically will promote stagnation which leads to pain.  You need to encourage the movement of qi and blood so instead, try eating and drinking warm and cooked food.

Foods such as whole wheat bread, sweet potatoes and yams as well as brown rice can help strengthen your body’s production of qi and blood.

Eat plenty of root vegetables fruits and grains

Ginger is a root vegetable it is known to warm the body, nourish the spleen and scatter dampness. Ginger tea with honey is great for periods of pain. It can also be used in cooked food.

Apricot Kernel (can be purchased capsulated) promotes menstrual flow and is often used as part of a formula prescribed for women with weak or missed periods. 

Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius) tea can help stimulate blood, ensuring a smooth flow and pain-free period. It is also containing anticoagulant compounds, so should be avoided if you are on blood thinners.

Orange and red color fruits and vegetables are like peach strawberries red berries black berries are good for supporting blood production. 



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