Travelling While On Your Period

Ziggy cup גביעונית מחזור או גביעוניות מחזור הכי טובות ונוחות בישראלץ תמונה של כוס מחזור

גביעונית או גביעוניות שיכולות לנתאים לכל פות, אם יש לכן בעיה למצוא את הגביעונית הנכונה אנחנו כאן כדי לספק עזרהץ בתמונה רואים 2 נשים מחזיקות כוס מחזור לווסת החודשית שלך

The one main thing that differs between female travelers from male vagabonds is mainly periods. Let’s be honest, nobody likes dealing with periods while travelling, it can be quite a bugger and annoying to have to consider it when planning any sort of trip. Let alone the inconvenience, no women wants to endure cramps, mood swings or back pains while hiking, camping or swimming.

We would like to remind you that all of the menstruation inconveniences and embarrassments may seem to amplify themselves while travelling, though they are only in your mind. Don’t forget that you are experiencing hormonal imbalances during this time of the month so please remember that when aunt flow appears.

When travelling you can definitely expect irregularities with your period due to your personal habits, stress and changes in time zones, they all play a role here. But all these reasons shouldn't stop you from enjoying your holiday, women have been dealing with their period since the dawn of time all over the planet in every single situation. With the right preparations, you can enjoy a carefree holiday while menstruating, we believe in you then so should you!

We’ll provide you with all the best tips to enjoy your trip even when on the rag so you won’t spend all day inside under the covers when you’ve been saving for this holiday for rather a while ( after covid-19 everybody needs a holiday away from the screens).

Try writing a useful packing list for travelling while taking into consideration your period. Each country has its own collection of menstrual products or medications that may not include your usual reliable brands. For example, you may encounter countries that do have tampons but don’t use applicators and vice versa.

We personally recommend that you acquire reusable menstrual products in order to avoid the unnecessary kerfuffle when travelling, you’ll avoid headaches, save money and the planet at the same time, so why not?

Plan your activities around your period, it’s not something that needs to be on your mind the whole time, but it is rather smart to take into consideration when travelling whether you’re planning on a long or short holiday.

Maybe consider skipping your period if you’re using various kinds of contraceptives. though it’s only relevant for the short run it still can definitely save your well earned holiday. Before considering our suggestion, please consult with your doctor before doing this as we are not licensed physicians. 

Don’t forget your comfy clothes as they are very similar to various transit outfits, plan your portable closet for serious bloating and bleeding situations that may occur along the way.

גביעונית על ראש של אישה עם חישוק, תהני מגביעוניות הכי טובות ונוחות בישראל! כוס מחזור רב פימחת

To conclude, periods haven’t prevented women from travelling into space, swimming in the sea or running a marathon, so we don’t think that it's a good reason to stop yourself from having fun during that time of the month. Plan and pack according to your personal flow and prepare to have a bloody epic experience, you deserve it.


כוסות מחזור ולוגו של החברה, תהני מגביעוניות הכי טובות ונוחות בישראל


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