Periods At The Beach

menstrual cups at thebeach onyour period .גביעונית מחזור בים מי אמר שאי אפשר ליהנות במחזור

The period at the beach

When the sun comes out to play on a nice sunny day with a light gentle breeze that is driving you to the beach (if you have one close to you or a lake, pool or another source of water). Though could be when you are on your period, the beach seems like the last place you need to be. But we say quite the opposite, sometimes it’s exactly the place you need to be.

The nice summer sun and vitamin D could do you some good, you don’t have to go with a bunch of people or even with a friend. Going alone to the beach can be a refreshing experience.

A fun day at the beach may need more preparation than usual while on your period, but that's cool, we’ve got you covered with a few extra tips.

The first thing we need to get off the table is how are you going to rock the beach world with a bikini full of period blood?

Use the menstrual cup, one of the best inventions you’ll ever meet, simple and effective, you won’t understand why you were using disposables all this time. But, if you don’t like taking it up your vag and you’re more of a pad kinda girl, you can use the reusable menstrual underwear or pads.

Period underwear are undergarments that provide protection just like pads but better during your period. We have all kinds of shapes of underwear that may even suit your current swimsuit, no need to worry, no leakages here, some can even absorb up to 4 tampons. And if even still you don’t feel comfortable with the idea you can use them, just cover them with shorts, no biggie you’ll still be fab.

Bring a blanket, but a really big one, even if you can take an old double bed sheet and tuck the corners into the sand like you would when making your bed. Upcycle something and feel better with yourself and save money.

Bring a minimum of one litre of water and a fun drink to accompany it so it won’t be lonely. Don't forget a delicious period snack( necessary). Bring a book, journal, a game or brushes and paints if you need a break from looking at the ocean on a hot sunny day.

Use sunscreen or take an umbrella because you need to take care of your skin and protect it from the strong rays of the sun, Melanoma is no fun later on so please do take care.

So go enjoy your period menstrual experience at the beach with no need to worry or fear you're all clear.


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