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how the best menstrual underwear or period pants work. תחתוני מחזור הכי טובים ונוחים בארץ

Reuse and wash a menstrual pad - say what?! Why?

Not only for the environment and in order to save money - it’s easy when you know how.

Women have been using a wide range of materials for menstruation for decades. It’s eco-friendly, has health benefits and is cost-convenient. You’ll quickly get used to a fresh easy cleansing routine that will betterment your vaginal health.

Many of our clients and friends have stated that after using our products they have developed a stronger emotional connection to themselves and their cycle, they are more in tune with their body than ever. 


How do I wash it?

Reusable pads/underwear can be washed easily by hand or in the washing machine. The secret is to first soak the pads/underwear in cold water for up to 30 minutes before washing in up to a maximum of 40. Most of the blood rinses out in the soaking process. After that, it’s just as easy as washing your clothes.

how the underwear soak in menstrual blood with turquise background how the best menstrual underwear or period pants work. תחתוני מחזור הכי טובים ונוחים בארץ

Doesn’t the pad/underwear leak?

Using the pads/underwear is equivalent to using disposables. Whether disposable or reusable, a pad needs to be changed in time before it leaks, each girl to her personal flow.

How often should I change my pad/underwear?

We recommend that you change your pad about as often as you would change a disposable pad, every 4 to 8 hours, depending on your own personal flow, the same goes for the reusable underwear. You will easily learn when it’s time to change.

women sitting on the floor with sand timer -how the best menstrual underwear or period pants work. תחתוני מחזור הכי טובים ונוחים בארץ
women sitting next to a cat and sand clock how the best menstrual underwear or period pants work. תחתוני מחזור הכי טובים ונוחים בארץ

Is there anything I have to do before I start using the pad?

As with all new garments, we recommend that you wash your new pads prior to usage. And there is another reason for this: New pads/underwear are similar to new towels; after the first few washes cotton absorbency will increase.

In order to increase the absorbency of the new pads, our recommendation is to wash them 2-3 times with soap, soak them overnight or by machine wash (according to your personal preference).

how the best menstrual underwear or period pants work. תחתוני מחזור הכי טובים ונוחים בארץhow the best menstrual underwear or period pants work. תחתוני מחזור הכי טובים ונוחים בארץ

How many do I need?

We suggest a minimum of 4 pads, most women have an average of 6-10 pads/underwear. There are a  few factors that can influence the number of pads/underwear that you may need:

1. the intensity of your personal flow may come into play here
2. the frequency you wash your pads/underwear
3. the time needed for the pads/underwear to dry

It really depends on the climate of where you live in the world, so you will need to make your calculation accordingly.


How can I manage using the pads/underwear when I’m out of the house all day?

To become confident using the pads/underwear, as well as discovering how your personal flow works, you might like to begin by using the pads at home. Once you're comfortable with the product, you can put clean pads/underwear in our attractive travel pouch.

Tainted pads can be stored by folding the two ends towards the middle, fastening the buttoned flaps and placing them in the carry pouch or wherever you feel it is appropriate for storage. This is a clean way to carry them home or wherever you feel comfortable to wash at your own personal convenience.

Soon enough, you'll discover your own personal preferred washing routine, everyone is different. You can develop a habit of washing each pad/underwear after use, or you could collect all of the products and wait until you've finished menstruating to wash them all at the same time.

Do whatever works best for you. Experiment and create a routine that appeals to you.

Does it stain?

We recommend to first soak the pads/underwear in cold water up to 30 minutes before washing. This will help to keep the products stain free. This is based on the theory- blood consists of protein, which is easily rinsed out in cold water, while warm water coagulates protein, letting it stain the fabric.

Are pads/underwear hygienic/safe to use?

Definitely yes, the pads/underwear are perfectly safe and hygienic to wear when they are washed according to the pamphlet which comes with the product. These materials have been used by millions of women across the globe to help manage menstruation for generations.

More info can be found in our care instructions. Learn more.


How do I keep my pads and underwear soft?

To help keep your pads soft we recommend that once every few months, or according to your personal preferences, to soak the pads/underwear in water and add a little baking soda, vinegar or a bit of lemon juice and a drop of essential oil (got to love a nice smell).

Then when drying, scrunch the pad a little before it is fully dry then pull it into shape. This should help to keep your pads silky smooth and soft. Or you can use laundry conditioners, again according to your personal preferences.

The life span of the reusable underwear/pad

It all comes down to how you take care of your product, if you follow the given instructions, it should last up to over 300 uses, that’s over nearly 2 years!
Single-use sanitary products amount to the equivalent of 5.3kg-10kg of carbon dioxide produced.
It’ll take at least 400 to 800 years for each tampon and pad to naturally decompose by itself.