Dropping your menstrual cup down the toilet

,גביעונית או כוס מחזור הכי טובה שתוכלי למצוא בישראל, כך נעזור לך למצוא את הכוס שהכי מתאימה לפות שלך אך תהני מכתבה על גביעוניות לפני כן

Dropping your menstrual cup down the toilet

Accidents happen all the time, especially when you’re dealing with various slippery period cups and pulling objects out of your vagina, it’s really not unusual to accidentally drop your menstrual cup into the toilet! So don't feel bad with yourself.

There are also odd situations when a woman accidentally poops her period cup straight into the toilet bowl, but this usually occurs when the cup is too small and narrow for that specific Vagina. So no need to worry at all, just chill and take a deep calming breath, we’ll help you get through this Kerfuffle.

First of all, we hope it is obvious to you that you definitely do not insert your menstrual cup directly after the misfortunate incident for starters. Even though you can sterilize your cup, you do need to be aware that if you don’t sterilize your period cup properly, you are most definitely exposing your vag to some nasty bacteria girl.

For the protocol, it is recommended to replace the menstrual cup that fell into the toilet, due to it being the safest option according to government health recommendations.

You can clean your cup by boiling it as you do between cycles, using UV sterilisers, Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and every possible sterilizing technique that will not harm your cup and get the job done.

But again, whether you want to keep and clean it or chuck it out and go buy a new menstrual cup is completely up to you. So no need to stress both ways will work if you do them properly or maybe it’s just time to buy a new cup, have it your way because that’s the best way.

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