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IlovemyHoneypot  was founded in 2020 by Ms Danielle Shamir with the intention of forming the first revolutionary period online store that offers the best suitable Menstrual brands out there. The thought was that nobody is identical and the same goes for your Vagina.

ILoveMyHoneypot was born from the ruins of cervical Cancer and is very much a big moral drive for this company. Cancer may have started the fight, but we will finish it!

We work hard to find the perfect balance between saving mother earth by decreasing our ecological footprints, empowering women, and supporting fair trade by replacing non-reusable menstrual wear and substituting with the best products out there for both mother earth and our private parts.

P.S. part of your purchases go toward cervical cancer research in third world countries. 

 With a wide-range of environmentally friendly menstrual products that are actually flow with your vagina! ILoveMyHoneypot is changing the flow and revolutionizing the period - period. 

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