How to let go of disposables

גביעוניות הכי טובות ונוחות בארץ


We are well aware that convenience is everything nowadays, if it isn’t convenient or doesn't serve my higher good, why should I do it?

If I'm not forced by the authorities, why should I do it? If in the short run my expenses are low, why should I spend more money now?

The same goes for menstrual products, it can be more convenient to chuck out that used tampon or pad without having to deal with its ecological damage. I get it, it makes your current life easier on so many levels, no one can and will blame you. 

The truth is, that nobody really looks at the matter in the long run, nobody takes into consideration the environmental impact that we have on the planet. But, this is part of the reason we formed I Love My Honeypot, to try and relieve part of our environmental impact because periods aren't going to disappear in the foreseeable future (we think and hope so).

When you make the decision to move from disposables to reusables your are doing quite a few good things such as:

You save so much money, spending less while getting more! We explain...

One cup does the job of 3250 tampons

שאלון מציאת גביעונית

While one pair of panties does the job of over 540 tampons and pads!

menstrual underwear

Why not eliminate waste for years to come with eco friendly, reusable menstrual products?

Love your muff, you’re both worth it.


When you decide to move from disposable menstrual products to reusable

You are saving the environment which is one of the most important things, think of all the other stuff that humanity is doing that is destroying the planet, every little thing we do or consume forms an ecological footprint.

You leave the light or heating on, drive a little bit or treat yourself to that snack, they all have their impact, so why not try and save the world with your Vagina?

Instead of buying every month a box of tampons or pads, why don’t you buy every 3-6 years a new menstrual cup or reusable period underwear? Just think about it for a moment and let it sink in. Take care of your health and morals as well as your pocket.

Why aren't you feeling better during your period while still using tampons or pads?

Our menstrual cups respect your personal intimate balance, which do not cause any sort of:



Unwanted odors

Other inconveniences that are often associated with various disposable menstrual products!

Why not enjoy a fibreless hypoallergenic period product? Because you definitely deserve a pleasant period.

 Was that enough for you or do we need to keep on elaborating? In the end, it’s your decision what you want to do with your health, money and energy, all we can do is give you our honest input from an environmentalist perspective. From here, it is your decision how you choose to treat the planet and your private parts. 

Until next time, let's use tampons only for nose bleeds.

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