Period Hacks

Period Hacks

Period hacks

Reducing menstrual pain by ILoveMyHoneyPot

We are all acquainted with menstrual cramps far too well - some lucky gals may have mild symptoms but others endure severe symptoms and excruciating pain. This is caused by the muscle contractions within our uterus due to the release of the lovely hormones oxytocin and prostaglandin, this is completely normal and all part of your menstrual cycle.

Here we’ve compiled some top period hacks to share with you for a better and happier period:

Heating pad or a hot water bottle for your uterus to place on your lower abdomen, move around and place where you experience pain. The heat helps to loosen up muscle tightness and increases blood flow, therefore easing the tension in the desired areas.

Draw a warm bath (we recommend adding bath salts, essential oils or whatever floats your boat) to release your whole body and to feel fresh and oh so clean.

Exercise! You may be feeling sluggish but a light workout (aerobics) could do wonders. It will get the blood flowing and release those endorphins that can reduce your perception of pain while also triggering a positive feeling in the body - similar to morphine believe it or not!

Hydrate your beautiful feminine vessel because water is your best friend, especially at this time of the month. Even if you feel bloated, puffy or full. The more water you drink, the better - the more hydrated you are the better your body will work, giving all your vital organs H2O and allowing the body to focus on easing the menstrual pain.


Try to avoid caffeine as much as possible. Caffeine can irritate your stomach and give you a crampy or bloated sensation. We recommend digesting sour foods such as lemons, berries, cranberries at this time of the month. According to Chinese medicine, sour food helps to release stagnations in the liver which comes in direct contact with the woman’s uterus.


Get as much rest as humanly possible, your body is working more than usual and cleaning itself from your previous cycle, it desperately needs its rest.

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