Skin Care throughout our cycles

רקע וורוד עם אישה עם תחתוני מחזור רב פעמים ומעיל אדום

Our menstrual cycle can really affect our skin in many different ways, we all experience this right? No matter how old you are, our cycle can take a toll on our skin.
So wouldn't it be dapper if we could adjust our skin care routine accordingly? In this piece we will briefly go over the different affects our cycle has on our skin.

Here is what happens to our skin  throughout our cycle:

Hormone levels during this particular phase are at their lowest, which can irritate our skin more than usual & cause dryness, breakouts and extra sensitivity.

During this phase we can experience increased levels of estrogen in our bodies which can cause an increase in sebum production. This ultimately can lead to pimples and major breakouts during this time.

Hormone levels are on the rise during this time, which can cause extra dryness, redness and sensitivity. Along side this your libido will be working over time so you may feel fabulous.

Increased progesterone levels can cause sebum production to decrease which can lead to dryness, redness and sensitivity (very similar to our periods).


What can we do?

The recommendations are quite the same and generic unfortunately, most likely you've heard this before, but there is nothing like a friendly reminder.


Drink bundles of water! we are 70% water, so when we are fully hydrated our system can really run smoothly. This way or that, water is the base to all all life, we cannot live without it.

Avoid Fats

We all (most) adore sweets throughout the month which is so understandable.

Don't pick at your skin

Try to avoid touching your face when you have not washed your hands - they are most likely dirty (not to offend). Popping pimples and blackheads will not help and can do quite the opposite. On the over hand we know this is a big request has it is so tempting to fidget when we have a mountain growing on our forehead. If you could only remove the black head when it's ready with clean hands and clean it properly afterwards then, ok, go for it. But if you can avoid it that would be best. 

Track your cycle 

When tracking your cycle you can really get a grip on what your body is experiencing at that moment. If you know at which phase you're of the month, you could act accordingly. 

What should I do during Menstruation?

No waxing

No exfoliation

Use gentle products

Listen to your skin


What should I do during Follicular phase?

Vitamin C

Great time to try new skin care products

Deep cleaning


What should I do during Ovulation?

Deep cleaning

Face masks


What should I do during the Luteal phase?

Gentle cleansing

Calming creams

Anti-Inflammatories would be rad



The best thing to do is just to listen to your skin and see what it is asking for. We are in no way a doctor, so we would recommend you to seek a proper practitioner if you want to further explore this subject. We respect doctors, but here we are going to recommend some natural ways to deal with skin care throughout the cycle.


Chinese medicine has been a wicked trend (in the best way possible) and can treat different skin conditions and not just general and mental health. If you live in Tel- Aviv Israel, you are most likely to find an abundant amount of Chinese Doctors, but we have a special one for you in the center of Tel-Aviv.

Dr Aviv Sontag is a wonderful Chinese doctor that could help you with every situation, she is dedicated to her work and really give's you the full oriental experience 

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