The Hysteria Side Of Me

The Hysteria Side Of Me

The Hysteria side of me

Period madness is a real thing, those days when nothing makes sense or it feels as if everyone is out to get you alongside devastating period cramps. Sometimes it feels as if we have a variety of identities who reside inside of us, I like to look at it as if each one is a part of me. Whether it’s my happy, creative, sad, confused, overwhelmed or any other version. When pms'ing these sides take a more dominant part in the day to day life.

Asteria is one of them, she is fluid like water, mysterious, all out there, she’s hiding under a blanket with a hot water bottle - basically she is a bag of emotions on the loose with two theatrical uteruses as the logo. 

For each one, these identities will appear in their own special way, and if you haven’t really acknowledged them yet, that’s ok, you know what we’re referring to. Don’t dismiss them! Love each one and appreciate her, for she is a part of you.

We sometimes have bad habits with her such as quietening her, calling her crazy or crying because of her. We simply want you to love her and treat her kindly, the same manner that you would want to be spoken to.

When you speak to her nicely you’ll definitely see and feel the change within yourself. But of course, everything must be done with balance. Don’t go out and order the whole dessert menu (unless it's absolutely necessary).

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