Glory tunnel to the world of sustainability

Glory tunnel to the world of sustainability

The world is heating up, ice caps are melting, species are going extinct, resources are declining all the while, demand is rising. All of this will have a devastating effect in the long-run. 

It’s obvious that global capitalism has been good for a lot of people, it’s certainly increased worldwide economic output in many different ways, but it has a harsh impact on the environment. In a world where Co2 emissions are constantly rising, the global market is developing a culture of consumption - a social and economic system that encourages unnecessary consumption (think about how many times you’ve purchased something on sale only to get home and realize you don’t actually need it). 

The market is applying ever-growing pressure that you need to fit in, in order to rise up the social ladders of society. Relying on that delightful feeling you feel after you purchase a product and you feel the fulfilment of a sort? When purchasing goods, we get a release of serotonin and endorphins which leads to a fantastic and exhilarating feeling, this is one of the psychological effects of consumption.
Top tip: We recommend that you buy only what you need because you are perfect just the way you are.

Ways to be sustainable

Reusable menstrual products

Think twice before you purchase, think to yourself if the product is really necessary?

Reusable water bottles.

Sustainable transportation - public transport, cycling and walking

Waste management-recycle.

Just talking about it.

Reusable masks.

Disconnect your charger after use.

Close the tap water while brushing your teeth or washing.

Don’t litter.

Turn off lights that are not in use.

Buy products with a lower energetic consumption.