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Is it your first time with the holy grail?

Let us begin with washing our hands before insertion and after removal.

 First of all Boil your cup up to 5 minutes, really scrub it and get into all those corners.
When it’s not in use, we recommend storing it in the cotton bag it came in, keeping it out of harm’s way.

It’s an easy peasy routine to follow and super adaptable.


Before we start, go wash your hands:)

Then try to relax, stress can stiffen up all your muscles, which can impact the experience causing it to be challenging.

Just chill, you’ll be a pro in no time.
There is 2 way to go or go with your flow:

Push down on both sides of the cup and fold it in half creating the letter C.

Or place your index finger on the rim, then push it down towards the centre of the cup creating a sort of triangle shape.


Get comfortable, you can do it while sitting, standing with one elevated leg or squat whatever floats your boat.
Softly separate your labia.

Hold the cup in one of the ways we mentioned or you found a better technic (tell us if you like).

Gently push the curved edge of the folded cup into your vagina holding it down until the cup is inserted.

After that gently grasp the base of the cup (not the stem), then rotate the cup in order to secure the cup from any leakages.

Everyone has their own unique technique or prefered method for inserting and removing their cup.

It may take some time to find your prefered method, but once you get the hang of it and in touch with your flow, you'll be a pro with a less messy and easier period.

where does the menstrual cup or period cup sit in your vaginal canal

Removing the cup

1. Wash your hands.

2. Take a deep breath, relax and get into a comfortable position:

  • Squatting
  • Sitting
  • Standing with one leg up

3. Gently insert your index finger and thumb to locate your cup.

4. Pinch the base of the cup or bend the rim from the top to release the suction, then  hold on to the stem and carefully pull/ wiggle the cup in a upright position.

5. Empty your flow into the toilet, drain, plants or whatever your hearts desires.

6. Wash accordingly to your needs before re-inserting ot storing away. Easy right?

  • If you feel any sort of resistance, you may want to breack the seal again.
  • Do not remove the cup by only grabbing on to the stem! It can cause discomfort and end up in a bloody mess.
  • You may want to use your pelvic floor muscles to asist the removal process.

When should you empty your cup?

Everyone's experience is different, when you first start using Menstural cups you may want to empty it every 4 hours in order to observe how much room is available. According to personal measurments, you'll quickly get in touch with your flow and know when it's time to empty your cup.

No dribbling leaks, no odours, no discomfort

Each of our unique cups was manufactured in a single piece precision-shaped mould, therefore creating an incredibly secure, comfortable without any irritating ridges that could cause discomfort.

All the cups work in the same mechanisms, creating a safe light suction that ensures no leakages & odours.

 When our menstrual love flow is coming into contact with air, it causes it to oxidize and give out a peculiar scent. That smell is actually a rich combination of blood, vaginal mucus, various bacterias, fluid, maybe an egg and body tissue that our marvellous vessel is expelling. Therefore this combination creates the so-known/called period odour.


Where does the cup sit?

The cup will sit in your vaginal canal, assuring you inserted it correctly, you shouldn’t feel the cup. But, everybody is built differently and the extent of the cervix varies, in most cases, the cup will sit below the cervix to make sure (before purchasing a cup that you know your size). 

The stem sits inside the labia (it’s normal), which should make it easy for you to grasp it during removal. And it is totally fine to go to the toilet when with the cup (it’s not the same hole).

Is my honeypot too small to use a menstrual cup?

The female body comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, the same goes for our lady gardens. Sometimes our perspective of normal is quite different from what another woman may call normal.

The vagina is an exquisite flexible muscular canal which is never too small to accommodate a phallus, tampon, finger, sex toys, menstrual cup or whatever your heart desires.

When a woman says that she is too tight down there, they’re usually referring to their vaginal opening (labia area) and not to the vaginal canal itself. 


How much blood does it hold

The cups vary from size to size, but on average it can hold up to 40 ml if we compare this to an average tampon which is capable of storing up to 6ml of menstrual flow.


Is the menstrual cup comfortable?

Listen, there is not much of a difference between our sustainable products to a tampon feeling wise, but again we do urge you to try and figure out your size before trying the cups for a more pleasant experience. We have a whole guide and quiz to help you figure out your size.

Virgin or not?

Is it safe for your hymen? Before we explain, the term "Virginity" is defined differently according to your own personal beliefs, religion or others.

In general, it’s completely fine to use the cup before losing one’s virginity, there are all kinds of small cups that will not rupture the hymen. Tho we would like to say, that if you haven’t engaged in sexual intercourse yet, you may consider avoiding large cups and stick to small narrow ones if you're worried about your hymen.

It doesn’t necessarily “break it”, but it is a possibility, so maybe consider saving that moment for something or someone else and examine other menstrual products.

Is it safe and healthy?

Using a period cup can defenitly be safe and healthier for you when we compare to disposable Menstrual products providing you take care and use accordingly to the instruction.

Can I develop an allergy to the cup? 

It is extraordinarily rare to have or develop a sort of sensitivity to silicone in general. A wide variety of studies have indicated that silicone is biocompatible with the body, this is the main reason that silicone has been used and still in use throughout the healthcare/medical world for over 50 years.

Here at ILoveMyHoneypot, our cups are hypoallergenic while nearly all of them are free of dioxins, latex and BPA free. Most of the brands that we work with are FDA approved or registered. 

If you do experience any sort of sensitivity to the product, please immediately discontinue its use, contact and get a consult from your doctor.


And if I have a latex allergy?

The cup is created from the best quality, strong, medical-grade silicone that is satisfactory for use by the ladies with latex sensitivities since it is nitrosamine and latex-free.

Can I use the cup when I?

You can most certainly use the cup for any and every activity you wish to participate in (except for vaginal intercourse- except for the Ziggy Cup). You can go to the beach, swim, dive, run, squat, yoga, pilates, do a headstand, masturbate, dance or whatever floats your boat with the cup.

If you choose the right size for your patchouli and inserted it correctly, then there shouldn’t be a problem and it should'nt move while engaging in physical activities.


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