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Leopard Period Undies

125.00 ₪

Our new Leopard Print with affirmation words printed: PowerfulBraveStrong and Fearless.

תחתוני מחזור לזרימה גבוה

WUKA Basics™ High Waist Overnight Period Pants look and feel like your regular underwear, but have the power to absorb your period flow. the gusset on these WUKA goes all the way to the back to the waistband, giving you extra peace of mind when sleeping.

🍃 Sustainable periods are not a luxury. Every WUKA prevents over 200 disposables from going to landfill with every pair. Wear, wash, and reuse. 
🩸🩸🩸🩸 Heavy absorbency, complete tampon and pad replacement. Holds 20-25ml of period flow or light leaks - around 5 tampons worth.
טבלת מידות של תחתוני מחזור


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