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Basics Hipster Period Pants

120.00 ₪


Our extraordinary Wuka Basics Hipster period pants are here to comfort you when mother nature comes to visit!
They may look and feel like your regular underwear but have the power to absorb your flow.

Completely replace your tampons and pads and enjoy up to 8 hours of protection with this incredible menstrual underwear that can absorb up to 4 tampons! We can guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with them!
the best menstrual underwear התחתוני מחזור הכי טובים ונוחים בישראל
Keeping your bits comfortable outside their comfort zone, breathable fibres shifting the moisture for a sensational dry feeling while keeping you and your surroundings clean. 
No crime scene to see here!

These period underpants are vegan, ethically made and BCI certified! The cotton Wuka uses is produced by farmers who care about the environment and work to minimise the negative effects of fertilisers and pesticides. While also taking care of the water, soil health without harming natural habitats! You deserve to enjoy the most sustainable cotton we have to offer.
טבלת מידות של תחתוני מחזור


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