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Seamless Period Underwear

115.00 ₪


WUKA Perform™️ Seamless Midi Brief Period Pants, made from recycled nylon, so you can free flow and stay active on your period. Suitable for a medium period flow.
  • Medium Flow - Holds at least 15ml period flow or light leaks which is up to 3 tampons worth. 

  • Eco-friendly recycled nylon, lightweight seamless fabric with a super absorbent hi-tech moisture barrier making it period proof and VPL-free.

  • Smooth, silky and soft to the touch, feels luxurious on the skin. Gently hugs the body with great elasticity.
  • Midi brief style with full coverage at the back without getting that bulky feeling.

  • Leak-proof perfect for those on the go, living an active lifestyle.
  • Machine wash cold and hand up to dry -NO DRYER


Completely replace your tampons and pads and enjoy up to 8+ hours of protection with this incredible menstrual underwear that can absorb up to 3 tampons!

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We can guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with them!

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Enjoy a healthier vegan period with Wuka!


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