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Ziggy 2

220.00 ₪

Yes, Ziggy Cup is definitely a period protection revolution in a nutshell.

It’s the first reusable menstrual cup that can be used in the bedroom



Ziggy’s flat-fit design provides up to 8 hours of comfort, freedom, and self-confidence. We state before you that this product is not a contraceptive, the Ziggy is only a menstrual cup that was meant for fun.

It’s made of reinforced


A flat convenient design

Leak-proof double rim

Ultra-smooth and flexible


100% medical grade silicone

 Slip-free removal - hook the tip of your finger and gently pull the cup out.

  • Orientation of the cup - this tab is located in the front of your cup - which means it needs to be away from your cervix and pelvic bone.


No need to restock for the next 6-10 years!