Musical Playlists

Musical Playlists

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Abit about music and brain function

Music is one of the greatest things that mankind has ever stumbled upon. It has been suggested that music has a major effect on human health ranging from memory, mood to cardiovascular function as well as athletic performance.

Different researchers have speculated that when a human listens to music it assists in organizing the firing of nerve cells that are located in the right half of the cerebral cortex.

Also, the place where we'll find more activity in the brain while listening to music is actually the insular cortex, specifically the left side (Which in most people is responsible for the formation and understanding of language), as well as pleasure centres like the nucleus accumbens, thalamostraital pathway etc. Music's reaction with the brain acts as a sort of "exercise" that increases and sometimes allows brain cells to process information more efficiently.

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Hugs full of love on Spotify
Music and love is the universal language of mankind,  this one hugs your heart with more than 162 classical songs from the '60s-'90s from Frank Sinatra to Otis Redding, Queen, Elton John and so on.

PMS on Spotify
Whether your late or early this month, this will make you feel like a diva, we give you the ultimate mood swing playlist with a wide variety of genre's to choose from for those moments when you don't know what your feeling.

Screaming in the car on Spotify.
This playlist is the greatest combination of 80's -2000's pop that makes you scream at the top of your lungs while dancing around in the middle of that traffic jam or at a girls night.

Chillaxin flow mode on Spotify.
This electronic musical playlist will get your feet moving to the electronic flow of a wide variety of magnificent artists (amazing for releasing energy).

Hey you! With the fine musical taste

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