Have a Merry Period

Have a Merry Period

Have a merry period

We all go through that time of the month, and every time it comes, we can’t be sure what the experience will be. For many, it changes each time. Sometimes we’re full of extreme emotions and sometimes we're mellow like a marshmallow, and either way is completely ok!

Those extra levels of estrogen, serotonin and change in progesterone can really confuse our delicate system. We would like to remind you that your feelings are valid, it’s really good and legitimate to cry! Release all that built-up pressure and those emotions - we’re here for you.

Everything will be ok

 Each period is different than the last, there are times while menstruating that you want to take on the world and there are times that you want to cuddle a hot water bottle and binge chick-flicks or whatever it is you’re into.

That’s totally ok, no one is judging you, do only what creates happiness within you - it’s never easy to bleed once a month and not die.

Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths while counting to 6, blink open your eyes and appreciate the magnificent being you are, this too shall pass.

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